"Stress Less"

We live in a world of stressors. 

My philosophy is, "Life is what you make it..."  

Despite all of the challenges life brings, we can be responsible for our own wellness and fulfillment.

Self-care is essential for all of us, particularly those who face (or care for those who face) chronic issues at home, at work, or in relationships. This self-care support group meets monthly and participants set the topics for upcoming meetings according to group needs. Effective self-care practices are shared by facilitator at each session.

Some Reasons for Self-Care:

• Health/wellness (physical and mental)

• Ethical mandate

• Positive home or work culture/environment

• Providing a parenting example

• Professional efficacy and professional sustainability

• Enjoying a life that is well-lived and congruent with who you are

What can happen when you do not take adequate care of yourself:

• Problems with mental and physical health

• Relationship problems

• Lack of professional efficacy and satisfaction

• Difficulty learning and difficulty contributing meaningfully

• “Burnout”

These sessions will help participants to develop a positive and supportive relationship with themselves that is consistently nurturing.  

CLICK HERE for information about facilitator, 

Kris Lewis.